National Parks & Reserves

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Carry a bag and take your rubbish with you. The collection trucks do not make it to many

of the areas outside of town, so please plan to carry out anything you bring in.
Help keep this country beautiful.

Help keep our waters clean. Waterholes are rare and precious resources to both the people and
the animals living in the arid regions of Central Australia. Camp at least 500 metres
from the water’s edge. Put on sunscreen at least 30 minutes before swimmming.
Do not bathe or wash your dishes direclty into the water; bring a tub to use anyway from the waterways.

As you travel, please look for any other safety signs and follow any recommendations, given by Parks Rangers.
Keep to marked trails and roads. if you plan to travel to remote areas, consider hiring a satellite phone or EPIRB,
as cellular service is limoted to the area immediately surrounding the towns. Let someone responsible know where your are going and when
you expect to return.

Remember that all natural, cultural, and heritage items are protected by law. Please leave the country just as you fond it take away only photographs
and your memoires. Help us protect our country for the enjoyment of futore generations.