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Looking for a Campervan Hire Backpacking is a fun thing to do, especially if you are an outdoor person. Not everybody loves backpacking, but for those who do, backpacking is a thing that can be very fun to do. If you love backpacking, then you should put Australia on the list of place to backpack to because Australia got lots of wonderful places to go. Especially if you own or have rented a campervan. If you think backpacking is fun, then adding a campervan to it can enhance the experience. I once travelled and stayed in a campervan and I loved it. I am not even an outdoor person, so you should know how much my word means.

But unfortunately, lots of people who want to buy or rent a campervan does not actually know what they should do with the campervan itself. They already bought one, but they does not know how it works. Sure a campervan drives like your usual minivan (though they are not as mini as a minivan. It depends on what kind of campervan that you bought), but that does not mean they are as simple as a minivan. If you want to backpack in a campervan, especially in Australia, you should know some several tips. Here, I will list some of the useful tips that you can consider before you bring your campervan to Australia. Check out below:

Make sure your campervan is stocked with supplies if you are a hardcore camper

Camping grounds in Australia, especially the free ones, are made for the hardcore backpacker. What I mean by hardcore backpacker is a backpacker that does not want to camp in the vicinity of big cities. If you are that kind of backpacker, then you should be lucky because Australia is the right place for you.

However, you should not forget to stock on supplies (clean water, food, batteries for your portable torch) because many of the free camping grounds in Australia are located far from cities. Far from cities means that the lack of stores is clear, so remember that. You do not want to run out of supplies in the middle of nowhere right?

Campervans are not exactly a supply of infinite energy

Usually campervans came with stuffs that need electricity. The battery in campervans can power them all, but not always. Do not stay in one place for too long because the battery in your campervan will only charge when the campervan is moving.