The Zeppelin 5-Seater

The Zeppelin 5-Seater is built for the view baby – it’s like having a penthouse everywhere you go!

QUICK SPECIFICATIONS: Manual & Auto Transmission // Unleaded // Sleeps 3 Inside & room on the roof for a Tent (Tent Not Supplied) // CD Player // Fucking roof stage man!

The Zeppelin 5-Seater Campervan Hire

Our Zeppelin Vans are kickass man!!! Check out the pics in the gallery – imagine having a sexy beer on the roof at Ayers Rock?Or rocking up at a beach and cooking breakfast with a view from the roof. Or just play a gig from up there and pickup chicks!

With a bed in the back and room for a tent on the stage (tent not supplied) – this baby is perfect for a Festival, a roadtrip or even just a sexy weekend away!Call our sexy Roadtrip Planners – they’re naked and smothered in warm butter. I’m not sure why, but damn.

In Australia Ph: 1800 24 68 69

From New Zealand Ph: 0800 24 68 70

Campervan hire in Australia just got even freakier – the Zeppelin is here baby!


The Zeppelin 5-Seater Included Extras

  • Seats 5 / Sleeps 3 + room for a tent upstairs (tent not supplied)
  • Mannual & Auto Transmission (request Auto if required)
  • Pitch a Tent Upstairs (tent not supplied)
  • Astro-turf Roof
  • Crazy Roof Stage
  • Large Bed Inside
  • Kitchen in Rear
  • Gas Cooker
  • Chiller Box
  • Large Storage Area

The Zeppelin 5-Seater Optional Extras

  • Camp Stools & Table
  • Under 21’s can hire these Campervans!!!
  • Automatic Campervans available on request
  • Up to 4 Extra Drivers allowed!
  • GPS Available for Hire!

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Wicked Campervan Hire

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